10 minutes before the new product launch from Dirk to the modern new product Dirk's new exhibition hall has been finished

Dirk from beyond the modern new conference there are about 10 or so, Dirk new showroom has now been completed decoration, the official start of the 16th sample.

This new product includes:

Single glass partition door (small + craft glass + stainless steel decoration = stylish, innovative, ultra-modern, let you read it put it down)

Hollow partition door (mosaic + decorative + new color + improved ultra-quiet hardware accessories = beautiful, generous, low price beyond your imagination)

Wardrobe door series (full hidden frame high-end main material + super-three-dimensional plate = high-end atmosphere on the grade, low-key luxury connotation)

Sincere invitation to you is our responsibility, but you choose not to be your regret!

Dick beyond the veil of modern new conference waiting for you to announce!

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