Dirk sliding door 2014 autumn new conference: beyond the modern circle your dream

At 8:00 on September 26, 2014, "Dirk sliding doors 2014 beyond modern new conference" in Pukou District, Nanjing five-star Mingfa Pearl Spring Hotel successfully held. The conference Dirk sliding door launched a total of 36 new products, the new product will change the industry and change people's lives sliding door technology new secrets, the new product is designed and developed by the company's own. Conference attracted a large number of dealers, media and door industry associations enthusiastic participation, together tasting sliding door design direction and prospective sliding door trends, witness Dirk sliding door new leap again.

For nine years Dirks have been focused on one thing and that is how to create the perfect sliding door in the world. Dirk continues to lead the industry trend of consumers, their products have been greatly recognized and respected consumers, the conference once again opened a new product will change the industry and change people's lives sliding door technology new secrets.

Press conference, Dirk sliding door Wen Cheng boarded the podium, first of all the arrival of distinguished guests expressed their sincere greetings and gratitude, a wonderful speech, the text always took the guests to sit on the bus to the factory lobby Open the mystery of new products. A factory hall, we are deeply attracted by the new ultra-modern products, have come up with a cell phone, camera, tablet crazy shooting, but also full of praise for the new. Mr. Wen Heping, chairman of Dirk sliding door, gave a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the new products on the spot, analyzed and explained the technological innovation and development trend of new products, and also led on-site guests to the new exhibition hall to demonstrate new products and to personally experience The new product, and asked the guests questions to give patient answer.

Afternoon press conference is even more exciting, in addition to the exciting awards section there are on-site to pay the gold drop egg win the car award, the scene there are two very lucky dealers to win the car award, one is Nanjing Lishui dealer, and the other One is the Sanmenxia Henan dealers, but Dirk is also said to do, on-site let the customer to open the car back home.

Dirk sliding door 2014 new conference ended in a very harmonious atmosphere, Dirk sliding door team has always insisted on creating dreams and realizing their dreams. Nine years, Dirk gliding door adhere to focus on sliding doors, the new product launches Dirk sliding doors once again proved their dedication with practical action.

Dream, Dirk has been on the road! Let us look forward to together again next year, "Dirk sliding door new conference!"

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