Deke door new release coming, the future, come with me

  The future, come with me


Great Wall, not a single day

Innovation, not a moment of relief

Dirk long river

Deep inside, strength flow long

  Dirk giants, is the vision of thoroughfare, but also the spiritual sustenance and cultural precipitation.

  Annual design of the road

  Drawing design → meeting decided → mold development → material into the plant → product production → system debugging → into the market


Every year, we use 6 months to organize the design, with the maintenance of his life.

Bao Jian Feng from the honed, plum incense from bitter cold.

Dirk giants, stand the baptism of time, bear the time grinding.

Frost and snow will only make Dirk door more bright.


Germany ● Germany grams

Has been imitation, has never been exceeded, innovation, the pace of progress never stop!


Freedom is to do what you like,

Happiness is like to do their own thing.

Thriving three thousand, bearish is the clouds!

Numerous troubles, want to open is sunny!

Dirk giants

Accompanied by your slow cloud Yunjuanyu Shu,

Hold you calm flower blooming.

  The sale of the product is not the end, the service for the trust has just begun


2018, Germany ● Deke

New design has already started, so stay tuned! Let the future dance together!

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