Germany Dirk sliding door "6th anniversary of madness, Hao gift send to send"

Germany Dirk sliding doors to Germany Dirk gliding doors To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the arrival of Wujiang, thanks to the love of Wujiang old and new customers, during November 8 to December 31 Thanksgiving promotions, Germany Dirk sliding doors Wujiang Ms. Pei Ju, head of the department, said there is no better deal than this event, so friends who want to set the door can seize such a rare opportunity.

Germany Dirk sliding door has always insisted that the quality of life, strict quality control, and resolutely not allow any unqualified products out of the door Dirk factory, the company always adhere to the market as the leading, always walk in the front of the domestic sliding door industry, Constantly develop new products. Rich products, continuous improvement of product features, so that Dirk sliding doors are more and more consumers love.

To tell you about the German Dirk sliding doors are a lot of products are titanium magnesium alloy wall thickness of 2.0, is currently the most heavy interior partition doors profiles, while the use of sedans-level point with the paint, non-paint paint, do not fade scratch-resistant , Delicate texture, strong texture, light and smooth, wear-resistant mute, the choice of quality, life-long free warranty. Recently the main push of a new product using the first Dirk patented product - the banner of luxury handle, stylish, three-dimensional atmosphere, is the main push of the end of this year, once the market by Wujiang favorite customers. There is also a sliding door product is the first choice for home improvement, with the same level car windshield, blue glass with glass coating technology, can block 60% and other ultraviolet light, the color can be electrophoresis constant golden BMW, electrophoresis light olive , At the same time you can enjoy life-long free warranty activities. Specific product details welcome you into the shop to understand Oh.

It is understood that this German Dirk sliding door "crazy 6 Anniversary, Hao gift delivery to send" activities, as long as the customers into the store have exquisite gifts, hit the golden egg, 100 percent win, where the customers into the store can be obtained 500 yuan vouchers, door full 5000 arrived 200 yuan, over 10000 arrived 500 yuan, shower room full 3000 arrived 200. Sincerely welcome friends to buy into the store.

Address: Wu Bei Lisa home life center 2015-2016 second floor activities introduced Germany Dirk sliding door "6th anniversary of madness, Hao Li send send" activities.

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